Faye Allison is an emerging portrait and pop-icon Artist based on the North Devon coast. She has a background in Fashion Illustration and predominantly worked in watercolours until recently. She studied Fashion Illustration at the University College of Creative Arts and spent several years in London. Often hanging around the National Portrait Gallery. She favors painting and celebrating the feminine form and femininity being drawn more to the stories of women - for their ever-evolving changes mentally and physically, for the way society views them and the unrealistic expectations placed upon them. She finds comfort in kitsch and overtly feminine tropes and aesthetic and this influences her work and references heavily. Faye mixes the traditional medium of oils with pastel neons and text or mixed media to make them contemporary and fun, to pique the imagination and to create paintings that are as timeless as the great Pop Artists of the 1960s.

'A Love Letter to Kitsch'


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