Faye Allison isn't your typical coastal artist; she's interested in placing figures and surrealism into the watery paintings which she paints from her quiet seaside studio in North Devon. Hinting that the scene you are gazing at is perhaps underwater - both peaceful and dangerous, calm and full of beauty. While her roots may lie in the world of fashion illustration and a continuous fascination with portraiture - Faye’s journey has taken her far beyond the catwalks of London's bustling streets and the night-life that informed her earlier years as a young woman. Infatuated with the beauty of the feminine form, Faye's art also delves into the varied tropes and props of femininity throughout pop culture and history. Her paintings explore a timeless beauty that also celebrates the culture of make-up, kitsch style and Twentieth Century glamour. But don't let her penchant for nostalgia fool you—Faye's art is anything but stuck in the past. Mixing traditional oils with the electrifying vibrancy of pastel neons, collage, and mixed media, she creates a visual feast that's as avant-garde as it is timeless. Influenced by the rebellious spirit of 1960s British Pop Artist Pauline Boty and the ethereal allure of the Pre-Raphaelites, Faye's art is a fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation.

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